About Ibrahim Dagher, MD

Dr Ibrahim Dagher, MD, a Senior Medical Director at Covance Neuroscience Clinical Development Services. Prior to joining Covance, Dr. Dagher was the Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs at Dyax Corporation, where his therapeutic focus was on hereditary angioedema, a rare disorder. Dr. Dagher had several years of experience as a pharmaceutical physician, having held positions of increasing responsibility at large pharmaceutical and small biotechnology companies. Following his clinical tenure, Dr. Dagher joined GlaxoSmithKline Medical Affairs department and gained first-hand experience in neuroscience and urology clinical trials. He then joined Genzyme (and later Sanofi) clinical development group, where he held the position of Global Medical Monitor on registration trials in multiple sclerosis. Dr. Dagher is a diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). He completed his specialty training in Psychiatry at Boston University, and attended medical school at Bordeaux and Saint Joseph Universities.

CNS Drug Development: Impact of Biosimilars

neuro2The biologics sector continues to offer lucrative opportunities for future growth, but with relatively few contributions for the treatment of CNS indications. High-growth CNS market segments generally share one feature: biologics play a pivotal role in the treatment paradigm, or soon will. Neuromuscular-blocking biologics recently secured regulatory approval for chronic migraine. Alzheimer’s disease is a high unmet need indication currently addressed only by symptomatic treatments, with potential for disease modification biologic therapies to play an important future role.

The example of biologics’ success in the CNS market is highlighted largely by the success of therapies that target the multiple sclerosis (MS) disease process. This success has spurred some drug developers to increase their assets in this space and seek future opportunities for biologics in other CNS diseases. However, one important new reality that is slated to reshape the future landscape of this market is the introduction of biosimilars. Continue reading