About Kevin Craig, Senior Medical Director, Neuroscience Medical and Scientific Services, Clinical Development Services, Covance Inc.

Kevin Craig is a Senior Medical Director in the Neuroscience Medical and Scientific Department of Covance Clinical Development Services in Singapore. He qualified as a psychiatrist twelve years ago and has more than five years of experience in conducting clinical trials for neuroscience indications. Dr Craig has been involved in registry build projects for Alzheimer’s prevention trials. His interests include cognitive testing and neuroimaging. Prior to joining Covance he worked with a consortium of pharmaceutical companies to develop human analogues of preclinical cognitive tests in an effort to bridge the gap between clinical and preclinical cognition research. He received his Bachelor of Medicine degree from University of the Witwatersrand and Masters degree from the University of Cambridge.

Harnessing Public Involvement for Faster, Lower Cost Trials in Dementia

neuroscience graphicThere should be no doubt that clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia need to be faster and more cost-effective if new treatments are to reach patients.

Public interest in participation in clinical trials for dementia is growing as governments become more vocal about the need to find treatments. A number of well-known organizations have well-established processes for linking patients with clinical trials. Alzheimer’s Association’s Trialmatch in the US and the United Kingdom’s Clinical Research Network (UKCRN) Study Portfolio allow patients to search for trials that they would like to participate in. In the case of dementia however, the disease may hinder a person’s ability to search for trials, potentially limiting access to experimental treatments. As research focuses more on prevention of Alzheimer’s it is important to include people interested in research who have no symptoms of memory loss. Continue reading