Oncology Clinical Trials: Patient Recruitment Challenges and Anatomic Pathology Services

Patient Recruitment ChallengesCancer is a disease that affects all of us; we all know someone with cancer, or have been diagnosed ourselves. Total cancer deaths worldwide in 2008 were approximately 7.6 million – approximately 13% of all deaths worldwide according to the World Health Organization. Therefore, intuitively, one would think that finding cancer patients to participate in clinical trials would not be an issue. However, that’s not the case.

Given the sheer numbers of those afflicted with cancer, we tend to lose sight of the actual prevalence of the disease at a given time in a community. When spread out over a lifetime, cancer is not as common as we assume. So, when posed with the question of where to find cancer patients for clinical trials, intuitive answers will most likely fail. However, statistics can help shed light on the patient recruitment dilemma. Continue reading