Behind the Scenes with Kits & Logistics for Vaccine Studies

Whether large or small, vaccine studies differ from standard drug development in many Kits & Logistics for Vaccine Studies ways. Sarah Slette, Sr. Study Manager, Vaccines & Novel Immunotherapeutics at Covance, explains the unique challenges her team faces and their solutions to rapidly deliver customized vaccine kits to sponsors’ sites across the globe.

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Facing the Storm In Stride

When it comes to clinical trials, sample collection kits need to arrive on time, or precious samples will not be able to be tested within stability, meaning their data is irretrievably lost. Adverse weather events and other disruptions to the sample chain of transport represent a serious threat to specimen stability and data integrity.

To combat this threat, Covance has invested in a team of global logistics personnel who continually monitor shipments and potential transportation problems around the world, implementing contingency plans when necessary to maintain an extraordinary record of 99.9% on-time deliveries. Even when faced with the largest storm so far this year, Winter Storm Jonas, Covance delivered.

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Perfect (Storm) Performance: How Covance Central Laboratory Services Responded to Superstorm Sandy

Central Laboratory Services - Hurricane SandyDay in and day out, you hold us to a high standard in managing your clinical trials’ logistics needs. The infrastructure that enables us to deliver greater than 99% sample receipt within stability works so smoothly that you rarely need to give it a second thought. But what happens when a natural disaster wipes out roads and bridges, shuts down airports, and even causes referral labs to shut down, stranding samples in transit?

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