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    • Addressing Operational Challenges in Conducting Clinical Trials [Infographic]

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      Published On Feb 25 2013, 2:39 AM

      Xcellerate(R) - Clinical Trial Optimizatoin(R)

      Over the last few years, clinical research departments have incurred worsening delays in conducting clinical trials. Nearly 80% of trials fail to meet milestones, thus delaying the delivery of potentially life-saving drugs to market.  Operations professionals are constantly expected to improve efficiency and productivity, to deliver cost-effective studies to deadlines and within budget, while maintaining quality and ethical standards.

      A recent study from Cutting Edge Information* showed that average clinical trials overrun across all therapeutic areas and phases, mainly because of patient enrollment: some sites never manage to enroll a single patient; even worse, others wait a long time and eventually recruit one patient but still have to expend time, resources and supplies until the patient completes the study or withdraws. (Data from Covance Xcellerate® Knowledge base provides a breakdown of non-performing sites per therapeutic area, with Oncology showing 60%)

      Selecting under-performing sites leads to delays in patient recruitment, adding an average of 10.8 months to every trial. If you multiply this by 30 trials per pharmaceutical company, the annual cumulative loss reaches a staggering 26 years per company! (Beasely, "Recruiting". 2006)

      These delays affect not just study costs but subsequent sales, causing potential losses of $600,000 to $8 million per day, according to a recent CenterWatch study.**

      If only you could use predictive tools to avoid choosing poorly performing sites, or at least reduce them, you would limit such escalating delays and sales losses. (The infographic illustrates the financial impact of reducing the number of non-performing sites by 50% for average and blockbuster drugs).

      Clinical Trial Optimization

      Covance can help you do just that: by harnessing the power of the largest clinical trial knowledge base in the industry and applying advanced forecasting, data analysis and modelling, Xcellerate® Clinical Trial Optimization® approach can match sites and investigators to your study requirements, thereby curbing costly trial delays and resulting revenue losses.

      As demonstrated in a case-study, Covance Xcellerate® helped deliver a study for an oncological compound nine months ahead of schedule, and regulatory filing one year ahead, by reducing non-performing sites from 60% to 36%.  Just as trial delays can cause large sales losses, a gain of nine months could bring an extra $164 million to $2.2 billion in revenue.


      Xcellerate(R) Clinical Trial Optimization(R)

      Learn more about Xcellerate® Clinical Trial Optimization®

      * Source: Cutting Edge Information (Clinical Operations: Benchmarking Per-Patient Costs, Staffing and Adaptive Design)

      ** Source: PharmaCircle 2011 Global Drug Sales




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