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    • Complement your Clinical Research Goals [Infographic]

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      Published On May 02 2013, 3:39 AM

      724Introducing a drug into the human body for the first time is an important milestone. Considerable investment goes into preparing for this day, with more to follow - 70% of the R&D cost needed to bring a drug to market is spent after Phase I. With so much at stake, human safety and early efficacy are now driving more go/no-go decisions than ever before.

      Early Clinical Research Centers

      With clinic locations throughout the US and Europe, we recruit a diverse healthy and patient population to participate in your clinical study. You have access to over 350 beds for fast and flexible study startup and a dedicated team of recruiting specialists for success in filling panels. In addition to the stability and reputation for quality that underscores all clinic operations, each clinical research unit offers you specialized capabilities such as a glucose clamp unit in Dallas, a human appetite lab in Leeds, and a dedicated cGMP pharmacy support team for radiolabeled AME studies in Madison. A clinical site will be selected based on your study needs and preferences, site experience conducting similar studies and site capacity. For more information about the clinics, please visit our website

      Click the image below to view information about all of the Clinical Research Units.

      Infographic - Clinical Research Units

      Early Clinical Research Studies

      For more than 35 years, our clients have drawn upon unmatched FIH/SAD/MAD experience and industry-leading human AME capabilities. We focus on two critical aspects of your studies: scientific integrity and human subject safety. In addition to complex and specialty studies, Covance also provides standard studies to support your product label such as DDI, age/gender, and food effects studies. You will partner with our clinical and regulatory professionals, whose expertise in biologics and small molecules can fully integrate your preclinical safety data into a robust protocol, to help you achieve drug development milestones faster.


      For more information and to speak with an account executive at Covance, please complete a brief inquiry request form.

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