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    • Central and Eastern Europe Plays Increasingly Leading Role in Clinical Trials

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      Published On Sep 12 2013, 3:39 AM

      Emerging Markets Case Study

      Emerging Markets in Clinical Trials: Romania Delivers Pivotal Boost in Enrollment in Challenging Indication

      Intense competition for investigators and patients in traditional clinical research markets has enabled emerging regions such as Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the former USSR to play an increasingly prominent role in the quest for high-quality clinical trial data. While well-established markets across Western Europe and the U.S. continue to play an important role in clinical research, it has become crucial to leverage the untapped patient and investigator potential of these emerging markets to ensure sufficient and timely enrollment.

      CEE countries tend to have fast enrollment times and lower costs for conducting clinical trials. In addition, investigative sites in Central and Eastern Europe are known to be fast enrollers due to patient availability, while at the same time providing high-quality data - all at costs that offer a clear competitive advantage over established markets. Most countries in the region have a highly centralized medicine system capable of screening a high number of patients a day, plus CEE countries have large cohorts of patients, including patients with rare indications.

      Nonetheless, challenges do exist within CEE countries, including variations in the regulatory requirements.

      Therefore, local expertise as well as a proactive clinical trial management approach is key to ensure the emerging regions become part of the solution, not simply an extension of the shortcomings that challenge current day drug development.

      This case study demonstrates how an emerging market - Romania - not only exceeded local enrollment targets, significantly boosting overall global trial results, but also delivered high-quality data consistency.

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