Leveraging the Clinical Power of MRI in Preclinical Liver Tumor Imaging

The liver is an ideal organ for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) due to its size, plus the inherent contrast it enables compared to other tissues and lesions; this results from the high iron content which acts as a natural MRI contrast agent. For such reasons, liver tumor MRI is a major area of clinical and preclinical oncology imaging. At Covance, we have been performing liver tumor MRI for over a decade to evaluate mouse syngeneic intrasplenic liver metastasis models, orthotopic human tumor xenografts (PDXs), and GEM models. Liver tumor MRI facilitates use of models with more clinically relevant context, enabling:

MRI can maximize chances of successful clinical translation for novel liver tumor therapies. Contact us to learn more and to obtain example data.

Written by: Deanne Lister Site Director, Molecular Imaging Center at Sanford