Longitudinal Evaluation of Orthotopic Lung Tumors With Imaging

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer related deaths for men and second for women (after breast cancer). Worldwide, 1.8 million diagnoses and 1.6 million deaths occur annually.1 While incidences have been decreasing over recent decades and advances in diagnosis and treatments are being made in cancer as a whole, only 17 percent of patients diagnosed with lung cancer will survive five years leaving an opportunity for new therapies to make a large impact on this population of patients. The combination of surgery, traditional chemotherapies, targeted therapies, radiation, and immunotherapy have been shown to be beneficial treatment options; and development of novel therapies and/or combinations continue.

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Shape New Career Possibilities at Covance

With unique career opportunities to advance the future of drug development, Covance employees are part of an exciting journey, delivering novel and comprehensive solutions to advance medicines from early research to clinical trials and beyond.

What does it mean to work with a company that not only invests in you, but carries the vision of creating a healthier future? See how Covance enables Extraordinary Paths, Exceptional People.

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Novel Assays Support RSV Drug and Vaccine Development

Chances are you’ve been hit by the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which infects nearly everyone by the age of 2 and usually reinfects exposed people throughout their lifetimes. While most healthy people experience mild to moderate cold-like symptoms, RSV Drug and Vaccine DevelopmentRSV can also cause severe infections. It has earned notoriety as the leading cause of hospital stays for newborns, and RSV-associated infections in infants cause up to 200,000 deaths per year worldwide in developed countries.

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