Fierce Innovation Awards Recognize Xcellerate® Trial Design As Best Data Analytics/Business Intelligence Technology

Covance is proud to announce that Xcellerate® Trial Design has been selected as the winner of the 2016 Fierce Innovation Awards: Life Sciences Edition in the Data Analytics/Business Intelligence category. The Fierce Innovation Awards: Life Sciences Edition recognizes outstanding innovations that are driving improvements and transforming the life sciences industry. Xcellerate Trial Design was recognized for its innovative approach to improving site selection, forecasting resource demand and optimizing of clinical trial design.

“We are honored that Xcellerate Trial Design was recognized by the Fierce Innovation Awards for its data-driven approach to optimizing clinical trial design and patient recruitment,” said Dimitris Agrafiotis, PhD, FRSC, chief data officer and head of technology products at Covance. “Xcellerate Trial Design helps teams analyze the impact of enrollment criteria to optimize trial planning and reduce study complexity. This award affirms our innovative thinking and leading role in optimizing the drug development process through advanced technology and informatics.”

With the increasing complexity of clinical studies, it’s imperative that drug development teams are able to accurately forecast and enroll the right patients for clinical trials. Estimating the number of patients and defining the primary efficacy parameters for a clinical trial typically requires combing through historical data and peer-reviewed publications – a cumbersome and often error-prone process. By harnessing data from multiple sources and assessing recent, timely information gathered from patient de-identified diagnostic data, Xcellerate Trial Design offers teams the ability to more accurately and quickly design their studies.

“This recognition acknowledges our advanced approach to clinical trial design and management,” said Jonathan Zung, PhD, group president of clinical development and commercialization services at Covance. “The Xcellerate platform was designed to improve operational efficiency and clinical decision-making, and this award provides further evidence of the transformational potential of our technology in reducing the time and cost of drug development ”

Xcellerate Trial Design helps sponsors assess the impact of inclusion/exclusion criteria based on real-world evidence, predict resource demands to keep studies on track, and identify ideal site locations based on disease incidence, patient densities, and investigator performance. Xcellerate Trial Design leverages more than 40% of the world’s clinical trial data, 11 billion laboratory test results and more than 70 million de-identified patients, 15,000 protocols and 175,000 unique investigators to optimize study planning, predict the speed of patients coming into a clinical trial, and accelerate patient enrollment.

This announcement follows several other industry wins for Covance this year, including Computerworld’s recognition of Covance’s Dimitris Agrafiotis as a 2017 Premier 100 Technology Leader, along with the Clinical & Research Excellence Award for Best Sponsor-Focused Technological Development for Xcellerate Monitoring.

“Xcellerate Trial Design addresses the uncertainty and inefficiencies in clinical development planning and forecasting by leveraging the industry’s largest clinical trial database, thus improving quality and results in clinical studies across the industry,” said Michelle Jones, MSc, senior director, clinical informatics, clinical development services at Covance. “We are honored to be recognized for developing an innovative platform that improves trial outcomes by improving our ability to model changes in protocol goals and identify optimal locations for recruitment.”

Optimizing your clinical trial’s performance has never been easier. The Xcellerate Informatics suite integrates multiple sources of data to deliver unique and timely information throughout the course of your studies. As a proprietary, technology-enabled solution set, the Xcellerate Informatics suite is a proven solution that reduces the cost, time, complexity and risk associated with clinical trials so that you can take action, lower risk and drive faster results for your trial.

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