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      Published On Apr 11 2017, 3:41 AM

      Unlock opportunities for your clinical research programs and deliver results that Covance Spring Webinars Video Nash Diabetic Heart Biomarkersmatter.
      We're excited to be on the cutting edge of drug development solutions. Take a look at our recent webinar topics and leverage our experience.

      Going Virtual: Evolving Real World Evidence Study Design for
      Speed, Flexibility and Lower Cost

      Using a traditional clinical-site recruitment approach is no longer the only option in observational research. With the increased adoption of electronic informed consent methods by the FDA, it is now feasible to conduct real world evidence (RWE) studies using a virtual model that eliminates entirely the need for clinical sites.

      Join us to learn how to lower cost and improve the efficacy of current, site-based RWE studies as well as:

      • The implications of electronic informed consent by the FDA
      • What is required to conduct a prospective virtual RWE study
      • How to use electronic data for a retrospective virtual RWE study

      September 19, 2017 | 11 a.m. EDT | Register Now


      Take the Risk Out of Clinical Trials: How to Use Your Data to Minimize
      Risk and Issues

      What does near real-time access to your aggregated trial data mean for your operational efficiency? When it comes to managing risk, this access adds an unprecedented level of transparency across a variety of systems in your trial.

      Join our webinar to find out how our newest product, Xcellerate® Risk and Issue Management, will allow your team to:

      • Deliver a single system of record for your study team to create, view and manage issues
      • Maintain 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and adherence to ICH GCP guidelines
      • Enable custom and automated escalation and cascading actions across sites

      July 12, 2017 | 11 a.m. EDT | Registration Closed

      Assessing Abuse Potential of CNS-Active Compounds:  Regulatory Environment & Challenges

      Learn about the regulatory environment for the assessment of abuse potential of CNS-active drugs, explore the importance of early vetting of abuse potential and identify critical steps in your regulatory strategy.

      June 29, 11 a.m. EDT | Registration Closed


      What's Inside Your Clinical Trial? Increasing Operational Efficiency and Transparency Using Clinical Trial Informatics

      Covance has developed a completely agnostic software product, the Xcellerate® Informatics Suite, designed to provide you with the kind of insights into your data that can help you gain better efficiencies in your clinical trials.

      Join us for an informational webinar, where we will discuss how by using Xcellerate, you can:

      - Increase transparency of data
      - Improve efficiencies and consistency of procedures
      - Reduce cost and complexity, and maintain high quality standards.

      We will be joined by an Eli Lilly risk-based monitoring expert who will discuss how an Xcellerate unified monitoring plan helped them increase their operational efficiency and transparency using clinical trial informatics. > View webinar now

      Kidney Biomarkers in Drug Development

      Experts discuss emerging translational biomarkers and insights into evaluation of nonclinical urine biomarker data.  We also discuss translational biomarkers in clinical trials for recent renal-related diseases/mechanisms. > View webinar now

      Phase I cGMP Drug Manufacturing at the CRU: 3 Key Benefits

      Drug manufacturing can make up to 40 percent of the total cost to develop a new chemical entity and can be an inflexible, time consuming and frustrating experience during your first-in-human clinical trial. But it doesn't have to when you use a cGMP pharmacy at your clinical research unit (CRU) for Phase I drug manufacturing. Our approach yields benefits in quality and safety, timeline reduction and cost efficiency. > View webinar now (coming soon)

      Choosing the Right Fit For Your Functional Provision Service Model

      Many sponsors are turning toward a Functional Service Provision Model to lower overhead and enable greater efficiencies. Listen to two of our experts provide key outsourcing strategies in this informative webinar recording. > View webinar now 

      The Diabetic Heart: A Focus on Heart Failure 

      Hear an insightful discussion on how certain molecular classes impact CV outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes along with strategies for testing new therapeutic, paradigm-modifying treatment modalities. > View webinar now

      Hot Topics in Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) 

      In this webinar, experts discuss:

      1) Genetic predisposition and other risk factors for disease progression
      2) How to assess and monitor drug-induced liver injury (DILI) in patients.
      3) Strategic and statistical considerations for seamless adaptive design in NASH trials.> View webinar now

      The Biosimilars Landscape: Key Pieces of the Puzzle for Clinical and Commercial Success: 2017-2021 - What all developers need to know

      The regulatory pathway for developing biosimilars in the U.S. is still considered a new frontier. View this webinar as we discuss the key clinical issues sponsors face when navigating today's regulatory environment. > View webinar now

      Turning Biorepositories into Translational Science Treasure Troves: The Value of Uniquely Complete Data Sets

      As clinical trials incorporate wider patient populations around the globe and the number of biomarker assays available increases, your specimen biorepositories represent an increasingly valuable resource for translational science. Learn how to get more value from your biorepository specimens by transcending data silos and gaining pan-pipeline insights to help you bring fresh approaches to your research. > View webinar now


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