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    • Meet Me in 5: Growing Your Career with Covance

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      Published On Oct 03 2017, 3:41 AM

      Our ongoing "Meet me in 5" series covers 5 people, topics or questions to illustrate how Covance nurtures exceptional people, provides an energized purpose and enables extraordinary potential in its employees' careers.   

      In this edition of Meet Me in 5, our leadership team shares their experiences with nurturing careers at Covance.

      1. Recognizing the value of scientific innovation | John Ratliff, Covance CEO

      Covance is a people-based organization - we are recognized as a leader in drug John Ratliff Covancedevelopment because of the expertise and dedication of Covance employees. They are the ones who can take credit for Covance having worked on 100% of the top 50 drugs on the market and all the oncology drugs approved in 2016. It's truly a remarkable contribution to healthcare.

      We recognize and encourage employees to find ways to drive industry advances across the drug development spectrum, from research to real world. I'm especially proud to support the Covance Science and Solutions Annual Grants, one of our employee recognition programs. Each year, we review innovative proposals from our scientists and award $25,000 to selected researchers to help them bring their proposed innovations to life. The honorees' work must align with our intent to challenge industry norms and shape new solutions for our clients. It's just one way we help our teams to realize the mission we share with our colleagues at LabCorp - improving health, improving lives.


      2. Exploring global careers across Covance and LabCorp  | Lisa Uthgenannt, Chief Human Resources Officer at LabCorp

      Connecting people and nurturing careers has been my calling across the course of my Lisa Uthgenannt Covance Employeework experience. When Covance became the drug development unit of LabCorp a few years ago, I was excited about the new opportunities for advancing our employees' careers across the globe.

      We now offer a wide range of unique career development paths across our entire company. And, because we span a complete range of end-to-end drug development solutions, our employees have many possibilities to get exposure to diverse viewpoints from exceptional colleagues. I'm excited to be a part of an organization that not only continues to invest in training and creating career development opportunities for its team, but also carries the vision of creating a healthier future.


      3. Creating close connections in a large company | Rhonda Holler, Vice President of Global Talent Management

      Just as the right chemistry is essential to advance a molecule in drug development, I Rhonda Holler Covance Talentbelieve fostering interpersonal "chemistry" is vital in our organization. Developing a strong connection with our co-workers and clients starts with strong employee bonds within our workplace. That's why we developed Employee Resource Groups to build internal communities and create awareness about our diverse strengths. From our Pride Network increasing the visibility of our LGBT employees/allies to our Veteran Employee Resource Groups and our mentorship programs, I value how our company culture is dedicated to maintaining an inclusive working environment.

      Our ongoing efforts were recently rewarded with recognition from IMDiversity where Covance made the "Corporate Diversity Honor Roll." It's all part of our plan to help our employees achieve their fullest potential, strengthen our internal relationships and give clients our best.


      4. Investing in our community | Teresa Mansfield, Director, Corporate Community Affairs, LabCorp

      Our mission to improve health and improve lives is carried through to the communities Teresa Mansfield Covance LabCorparound the world where our employees live and work. Whether we provide resources to inspire education and learning, support programs that promote health and well-being, or increase access to the arts, we take this mission very seriously. Through our corporate philanthropic giving and numerous employee engagement initiatives, we support a variety of well-respected non-profit organizations such as the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the United Way Worldwide. We also support many locally based programs that are providing science and technology materials at community schools, using art and musical instruments for therapy to help hospitalized children cope while undergoing treatment, using 3D printers to build prosthetic hands for children and helping cancer patients with transportation to treatment.

      I am proud to work for a company that recognizes the importance of being socially responsible and engaged in the communities where our employees live and work. I find it personally fulfilling to also work with such generous employees across the globe who commit thousands of hours helping to support causes important to their communities. Together, this corporate culture of giving has not only allowed us to become invested in the communities we serve, but it has made our company a more rewarding place to work.


      5. Balancing work and recognizing results | Vicki Neddenriep, Global HR Partnering

      It's truly amazing to be surrounded by the incredible and passionate talent in our organization. Our employees are committed to patients, advancing healthcare and to each other - they live and breathe our mission. To acknowledge our top notch talent and their efforts, we've developed the LabCorp Chairman's Award which honors employees globally who exemplify our core values of excellence, integrity, teamwork, courage, inspiration and ownership.

      We also support our employees by cultivating a flexible, modern work environment. In my 14 years at Covance, I've seen how we have shifted our employment approach to include remote opportunities and helped our team achieve a better work-life balance with unique site perks and Worksite Wellness programs.

      Our ultimate goal is to create a "boundaryless" organization that improves the lives of those around the world - including the lives of our employees.

      To learn more about life at Covance and to search career opportunities, visit

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