Work That Matters: A Personal Impact

Covance employees working to support clinical trials recognize that they are helping to move medicine forward and improve healthcare, but sometimes the impact is much closer to home.

“A client of ours was testing a new formulation of a measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (MMRV) vaccine and needed to ensure the end product was safe in pediatric populations,” explained Joshua. The Phase IV study was running smoothly but needed a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). Joshua was thrilled to take on the study and build on his experience. 

A few days later, Joshua was on a plane and visiting a pediatric clinic to monitor the site, the study and its resulting data. He worked closely with the clinic to anticipate and resolve issues and after several months of traveling between the clinic and his home base, the study wrapped up.

“It is nice feeling to close a study,” said Joshua. “There is the satisfaction of being on a study start to finish. And, it was a well-run study so the new vaccine received FDA approval.”

But the biggest satisfaction was yet to be realized. About a year later, Joshua’s wife took one of their children for a routine physical, which included a vaccination.

“I was glancing at the info sheet that the pediatrician sent home and I realized my daughter received the MMRV vaccine that I supported. When I told my daughter, she couldn’t believe that she got ‘the shot that Daddy made,’ as she called it,” he laughed.

“Sometimes in this role we may feel disconnected from the whole process,” admitted Joshua, “but this coincidence gave me a direct connection to the important work that we do as CRAs. It just shows that what we do at Covance really makes a difference in people’s lives.”

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