Experiencing the Impact of a Life-Changing Treatment Sven’s Story

Sven, Senior Study Director, Toxicology at Covance, discovered his team’s work had unpredictably reached his home – and impacted his family’s life.

In January 2016, Sven’s 3-year-old daughter was complaining about pain in her legs. At first, it seemed like natural growing pains, but it then became difficult for her to walk in the mornings. An ultrasound with an orthopedic doctor revealed a high level of swelling in her knees and she received a diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis – a disorder where the body’s immune system attacks its own cells and tissues.

Immediately seeking expertise at a specialized clinic, his daughter was scheduled to spend two days getting treatment, which quickly grew into a six-week, round-the-clock stay.

“It was a shock, because I was to travel to the U.S. for work,” said Sven. “I had to reschedule everything, but family comes first and my colleagues understand that.”

Sven and his wife shared the duties and each spent three weeks staying at the clinic with their daughter. His daughter underwent intense therapy to cease the swelling in over a dozen affected joints and started taking two very powerful biologic drugs.

“During the three weeks at the clinic, I was often alone in the evenings. I spent a lot of time checking the internet to read more about her treatments,” explained Sven.

“Through my research, I learned that one of the biologic drugs she was taking was heavily supported by Covance in preclinical development.”

Having worked with Covance for nearly 19 years, Sven saw how his team’s expertise in toxicology studies directly helped advance this molecule from the preclinical phase of drug development.

Today, Sven’s daughter is able to move without pain and enjoys kindergarten with her classmates, thanks to the biologic treatment.

“Her treatment success is another reminder that our team at Covance is performing life-saving work every day,” said Sven. “Covance colleagues from every department helped us develop that drug and now my daughter can do absolutely everything.”

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