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The pharma lens on real world evidence (RWE) for payer and patients

Real World Evidence (RWE) helps payers make reimbursement decisions and assists patients in budget management and estimating risk benefit of interventions. The integration of RWE in value assessment frameworks, used for ascertaining drug value, can help payers make informed evidence-based reimbursement decisions. RWE provides insight into real world impact of an intervention; facilitating “performance-based risk-sharing arrangements” between payers and manufacturers. United Health and Merck have collaborated to link payments to drug performance by utilizing RWE. Similarly, Amgen and Humana have partnered to target chronic diseases by generating RWE.

Patient engagement is another core component for RWE generation as well as its dissemination. Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) re-authorization and the 21st Century Cures Act emphasize the use of patient data for drug development. Patients can make better-informed health decisions based on information from Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, National Health Council, virtual networks and digital technology like mHealth. Johnson & Johnson collaborated with Aetna to use wearable technology in atrial fibrillation screening for RWE generation. Health PROMISE, a patient reported outcome tool integrated with EHRs, helped IBD patients and providers to visualize real time data; thus improving their quality of life.


Real World Evidence can help payers and patients assess cost-benefit analyses of an intervention through real world patient data. Innovative use of technology can show the way forward in enhancing patient engagement and creating opportunities to access, integrate, analyze and effectively utilize RWE.

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