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      • Creating Connections with Covance Employees at the Madison Movie Night

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        Published On Jun 07 2018, 4:02 PM

        Covance employees often say that working with exceptional people makes all the Covance Employee Culturedifference in their careers. To help expand connections and create opportunities for employees to get to know their co-workers outside of work, the Covance Recognition Events Committee at the Madison, WI facility sets up events that strengthen their supportive, people-focused culture.

        Manuel “Manny”, a Covance billing and revenue coordinator, recently shared his experience as a volunteer on the committee to help set up the Madison Movie Night.

        “At Covance, we like to keep our employees connected and engaged with several events, like ‘Bring your Child to Work Day’ or family holiday parties, but we also wanted to plan something fun that isn’t necessarily centered around having a family,” he explained.

        “The Recognition Events Committee thought that Movie Night could be a way to hang out with each other and mingle,” said Manny. “Movie Night is perfect for anyone to get out and enjoy an evening with a friend and your co-workers.”

        After voting on screening a blockbuster film and a comedy, the team advertised the event as “first-come, first serve” and each employee could pick one movie and bring a guest. The idea soon proved to grow in popularity.

        “The first time we advertised Movie Night, we had over 350 people show up,” he said. “The next time was around 490 and, most recently, we had 600 people RSVP within 6 hours!”

        Employees are invited to show up an hour before the film to take advantage of the theater’s lounge area and socialize before going to the movie of their choice.

        “Putting this event together has been very rewarding,” said Manny. “We worked to unite different personalities across our company and enjoy something together. That’s why I really like being involved. I think this event speaks loudly about the culture at Covance and how they support us as a team.”

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