Proud of our diversity: Covance celebrates pride month

Labcorp was recently recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality” by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation with a score of 100% on the Corporate Equality Index. To learn more about what workplace equality means at Covance, we recently spoke with a few leaders of the Pride Network and heard how the group supports LGBTQ employees and allies across the organization.

A growing history of inclusion

Since forming the foundational group in 2008 at the Indianapolis site, many other Covance locations have formed their own chapters as part of the Employee Resource Groups, which are employee-led organizations that Covance sponsors and funds at locations across the globe.

“The Pride Network was formed to inspire LGBTQ employees to bring their whole selves to work every day,” explained Marlo, Client Manager at Covance Food Solutions. “We also serve as a point of contact for new employees and provide ongoing professional networking to make sure everyone feels comfortable here,” added Terri, Team Lead, Enterprise Workforce Analytics.

Tips for Being an Ally at Covance:

  1. Consider adding a rainbow sticker in your cube or office so people know you have a safe space.
  2. Attend a Pride Network event to show your support and solidarity as an ally.
  3. Get to know your co-workers, help build an inclusive environment and appreciate the differences that make everyone unique.

Organizing networking and events

For Pride Month, the Pride Network in Madison recently held a flag-raising event in June to represent the inclusive and diverse campus. The group also plans to march with their Covance Pride Network banner in the Madison Pride Parade held in August.

“Pride Month is about bringing visibility to the inclusivity of our shared interests,” said Lecia, Director, Inside Sales. “We are all the same, have great lives, and enjoy our opportunities at work to support our families. It’s really important that we recognize our shared goals with our allies and friends to support one another.”

Creating an umbrella of support

While the Pride Network is established in some of the larger campus areas like Madison, Indianapolis and Princeton, the group recognizes that their ongoing efforts must continue. “The work we do is still really needed in a broader environment,” said Terri. “We need to show our support – beyond the local level – to let remote locations know that Covance stands behind this initiative and that everyone falls under this umbrella of support.”

Attracting talent from all walks of life

“Joining a large organization like Covance, people should know we are recruiting the best talent from every walk of life,” added Lecia. “Knowing that support is available from people with similar interests is an important part of retaining our talent as well.”

Ultimately, Covance understands it is best for the company and professional development to create a welcoming environment at work, where all employees feel comfortable being themselves. Said Lecia, “I am impressed with our leadership for recognizing diversity and supporting inclusion. We have reached a point where we can be really proud of what we have achieved.”

Learn more about our ongoing efforts to build a supportive culture.

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