Creating a Proactive Strategy for Succeeding in an Evolving Drug Development Landscape

Image of Paul Rothenberg

Both large pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology companies face many obstacles and potential pitfalls in the drug development process. From early development stages to commercialization, many coordinated, cross-functional efforts are required to meet key milestones and keep a program on track.

A comprehensive development strategy and plan can provide a detailed roadmap on how to make critical development decisions, improve efficiency, reduce costs and even shorten timelines. By outlining a plan for advancing a program and meeting regulatory, nonclinical, clinical, commercial and CMC requirements, a company is better prepared to proactively mitigate common risks and improve the likelihood of successful regulatory approvals around the world.

Learn more about the essential components of a comprehensive drug development plan, which can provide a basis for sound investment decisions and enable project portfolio prioritization and management.

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