Meet Me in 5 – Shyenne Yo takes on a global leadership role

Our ongoing “Meet Me in 5” series covers 5 people, topics or questions to illustrate how Covance nurtures exceptional people, provides an energizing purpose and enables extraordinary potential in its employees’ careers.

In this article, we interviewed Chiah Yian “Shyenne” Yo, who recently was promoted to assume global responsibility for the Global Laboratory Support Services (GLSS) Lab Process & Training Support Team (LPTS) and the Database Set up & Support Team (DBSS). She discussed her career path, opportunities at Covance and the importance of mentoring.

1. An interest in helping patients

With her education in microbiology and analytical chemistry, Shyenne started her career in heart disease research, studying the proliferation of blood vessels. She then transitioned into supporting hospital operations and managing clinics.

“Working in the research and service line to patients has always been interesting to me,” said Shyenne. “We are the people behind the scene who help bring new drugs to market – this is something I truly appreciate and keeps me connected to our energizing purpose. It’s why Covance colleagues are driven in our daily work.”

2. Growing her career at Covance

Along with her multilingual skills in Mandarin, English and Japanese, Shyenne found her research background was well matched to a global contract research organization (CRO). She joined Covance in 2008 as a research coordinator and helped manage qualified referral laboratories in Japan and India.

“I was given a lot of opportunities at Covance,” she said. “I was first offered a pioneering role to set up the central laboratory in Japan, and when I returned to Singapore I took over the referral laboratory management in China as well.”

3. Serving as a global leader

Shyenne recently expanded her role to manage beyond APAC and assume global responsibility for the GLSS LPTS and DBSS teams.

“I am very excited about this role,” said Shyenne. “It is an honor. I am thankful the leadership team trusts in my ability and sees my potential. I’m one of the first people with a global role leading from the APAC region, which is growing very quickly, especially in our central lab business. I believe my position gives Covance a better spread of our talent and more exposure to the APAC team.”

4. Leveraging ongoing mentoring

Shyenne cites the value of mentoring to help develop her career at Covance.

My current mentor is Monica Malcarne, who actually hired me 10 years ago. While Monica is now a leader in Geneva, Switzerland, we had the chance to reconnect last year. Since then she has given me strong advice on how to manage teams, gain visibility in my career, establish connections and be culturally sensitive among our global colleagues in the Americas, Europe and APAC.”

In her current role Shyenne has started mentoring younger colleagues to share her own experience. “I can guide my team along the way and give them growth opportunities,” she said. “Mentoring allows me to develop personally as it opens me up to different thoughts and allows for great ideas to spawn from all levels across the organization.”

5. Recognized for her accomplishments

Reflecting on her career at Covance, Shyenne has many proud moments.

“Setting up the laboratory in Japan was a great accomplishment for me. I had to balance the needs of different groups and work between Japanese and American cultures,” she said. “It was tough, but it gave me a lot of satisfaction to create a successful joint venture that is still doing well today.”

Shyenne’s achievements haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2013 she received a Covance Way award, which is given to the top 1 percent of Covance employees. Most recently, she earned a Chairman’s Award, a recognition that LabCorp designates to only one recipient per business unit, per country.

She attributes part of her success to the Covance culture and mission to improve human health.

“At Covance, I have great colleagues who became great friends,” she said. “We support and encourage one another along the way. It’s a place that has exceptional people with a lot of potential. When we get together, ideas generate naturally. Everyone works to resolve issues, which provides good service to our clients – and ultimately translates to improve the health and lives of patients.”

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