Meet Me in 5 – A Commitment to Career-Building

Image of Kim Radovan and Christine Rieser B

Our “Meet Me in 5” series covers 5 people, topics or questions to illustrate how our business nurtures exceptional people, provides an energizing purpose and enables extraordinary potential in its employees’ careers.

In this article, two leaders from our Global Talent Management group shared their thoughts on our commitment to learning, the learning resources available to employees, and how to take advantage of opportunities to grow and develop – at every stage in your career. Continue reading

ISO 14155 Update: Key risk management changes for medical device clinical investigations in 2019

Futuristic HexagonsThe third edition of the ISO 14155 standard for medical device clinical investigations is expected to be published in 2019. It could be published as early as this spring and probably arrive no later than mid-year.

According to the International Organization for Standards (ISO), the updated edition will focus on a more stringent risk management approach across all stages of clinical investigations from pivotal to Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF). Continue reading

Treating Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) With a Novel Stem Cell Therapy

About the Audacious Goals Initiative & the National Eye Institute (NEI)

The Audacious Goals Initiative (AGI) for regenerative medicine is a program run by the National Eye Institute (NEI), aimed at finding new therapies for eye diseases that remain difficult to treat.

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in the US, affecting 2.5% of the population, most over the age of 50. There are no promising treatment options to slow the progression of AMD, and at present there is no way to stop or reverse the disease course. The most common advanced type of AMD in United States is the dry form of the disease, affecting 80-90% individuals with AMD. There is no approved treatment or cure for dry AMD. Continue reading