Meet Me in 5 – improving internal mobility

Our “Meet Me in 5” series covers 5 people, topics or questions to illustrate how our business nurtures exceptional people, provides an energizing purpose and enables extraordinary potential in its employees’ careers.

In this article, we spoke to Phui Sie, Team Manager for Global Project Management based in Singapore. She shared her own career growth story and discussed how she helps her team members advance in their careers and find new growth opportunities at Covance.

1. Finding a match at Covance

In 2011, Phui Sie joined Covance as a Senior Project Management Trainer, building on her previous experience working at various organizations as a Learning and Development professional. She was tasked with working with colleagues in Europe and the US to implement new onboarding curricula, ensure consistency in business processes and train teams on these updates.

“The term ‘contract research organization’ was foreign to me,” she said, “so I came with an open mind to take on the challenge and learn about what we do.”

“Working together, we reduced the time needed for onboarding from three months to two months,” said Phui Sie. “This was very crucial globally as we need to have project managers onboarded seamlessly at a shorter duration to enable timely client deliverables for the clinical protocols to be executed.”

2. Growing in her role

For the next four years, Phui Sie continued to refine and strengthen the onboarding process for new hires while she developed her team members to prepare them for their next roles in the Asia Pacific Project Management teams. At this point, she was given the chance to grow in her role.

“I rose to a leadership opportunity and was able take on new responsibilities,” she explained. “I started with 21 Regional Study Coordinators and Client Coordinator Specialists in my team and it quickly grew to 32 people. Along with implementing major Global Project Management objectives, I oversaw continuous hiring, performance management, business issue resolution and facilitated career development of the team in Covance Central Laboratory Services in Singapore.”

3. Thriving as a Team Manager

As Phui Sie worked to advance people in their careers, she was also encouraged to move to the next level with her leadership skills.

“I became a leader of a growing team and that allowed me to coach and have a direct influence on the development my colleagues. I worked with both new hires and existing team members to provide continued professional development and prepare them for their next roles at Covance.”

4. Growing while helping others grow

Phui Sie has found that on-the-job development has helped her grow in her career.

“In the current dynamics of the clinical trial environment with evolving requirements, we need to be dynamic. In this setting I’ve learned quickly how to be a purposeful leader. Guiding the team in navigating through changes, increasing their agility in adopting different communication and problem-solving approaches, are increasingly important as we expand our footprint across the globe. As a leader, I ensure that my team continues to be motivated with their current responsibilities and stay inspired to constantly develop personally and professionally.”

She added, “For me, showing genuine care and concern for my team members has been a crucial part of this process.”

5. Recognizing meaningful work

Phui Sie feels invigorated with her efforts and enjoys the energizing purpose of her team’s work at Covance.

“The work we do, both large and small, will have impact on the lives of others, including our loved ones. It is motivating to know that we are advancing healthcare and drug development.”

Her enthusiasm as a supportive, attentive leader is evident both within her team and her own career growth.

“Since I started in this role, half of the group has moved into larger responsibilities within Project Management and other departments, which speaks to the excellent support and many advancement opportunities at Covance. I have also seen how the diversity and the dynamics at Covance have helped me grow remarkably, both professionally and personally over the last 8 years.”

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