Increasing our investment in internal talent at Covance

What does career growth mean at Covance – and how can you expect to navigate career moves within our global organization? Five inspirational people recently shared their perspectives on what career growth means to them at Covance and how they’re helping evolve the way we develop our people and their careers.

Listening and responding to our employees’ needs

Last year, feedback from an employee survey indicated that our people want more visible opportunities to grow their careers within our company.

“Our team members wanted to better understand the range of opportunities available to them,” explained Heidi Sturgeon, VP, HR Partnering CTTS & ED. “Based on this feedback, we explored solutions to increase the profile of career paths within our organization.”

“Nearly 25% of our hires are from within and we know people want to join and stay at a company that will grow their skills and promote their professional aspirations,” she added. “That’s why we’ve made internal growth and mobility opportunities a priority.”

Making it easy to take control of your career

“Covance offers many resources, both formal and informal, to enable career growth but also emphasizes the importance of taking control of your career,” said Sara Pieper, Director of Global Employer Brand Marketing.

“Navigating a large organization and understanding how your skills transfer across businesses can be challenging. That’s why we recently launched SuccessPath, a unique AI-powered internal talent marketplace that matches Covance team members with career opportunities based on their skills and experiences. SuccessPath will help our colleagues stay up to date on open roles available and highlight career paths that may have otherwise not been considered. Whether or not our team members are seeking a new career, we highly encourage them to sign up to see their potential matches within our organization and even refer connections from their professional network to join us.”

Investing in our culture

Vicki Neddenriep, Vice President, Human Resources, is passionate about showcasing the traditional and unique career paths available at Covance. Vicki believes empowering colleagues to set their sights on new, challenging assignments is critical to their professional growth and career success.

“New investments in tools like SuccessPath will enable our team members to stay more connected to Covance career opportunities by allowing them to set up personal career profiles to ensure an individualized experience,” she said. “True professional growth comes when we make the first move to manage our own career journeys. In addition to using Covance’s new SuccessPath platform, I encourage all colleagues to proactively share career aspirations with their managers, volunteer for special projects, expand professional networks, and reach out to mentors who can help them see new development options. ”

“I want our people to be proactive and take advantage of the many opportunities to expand their expertise, move to new areas and apply their experience to other businesses across the enterprise. To me, that’s what internal mobility is all about.”

Taking advantage of career-building resources

Eli Miller, Nonclinical Data Associate II, joined Covance just over a year ago and has already seen how his early career has developed as he has built his network and recently earned his first promotion.

“I had just graduated with a degree in Economics-Math and I didn’t know how my skills would be used at a CRO, but I have found the work to be very engaging and challenging,” he said. “I’ve been supported by my supervisor and worked on a bit of everything, such as data modeling, regulatory work and standardization, which has helped me grow a lot professionally.”

“I’ve also found a mentor and expanded my professional network. One day, I connected with a few people in the cafeteria and we decided to form an ASCEND chapter of the employee resource group that empowers young professionals. This experience has been really great. I like that Covance gives you the opportunity to be able to make your own opportunity.”

Seeking out new challenges

“In 1998, I was referred to join Covance by a friend of a friend. She spoke so highly of the organization and all it had to offer,” said Kristine Dehler, Executive Director of Business Development.

“At the time, I had a job at the National Institute of Health but was looking for a career move. I thought that joining a larger organization like Covance would provide me with opportunities for growth – and I was right.”

“After taking on bigger challenges and pursuing growth opportunities for a few years, I wanted to get into sales. When a position opened up, I went to the hiring manager and said, ‘I want that position. I don’t have the experience, but know I can do this.’ Today, I’m still part of the sales team, and having been a part of the company of a long time, I can see how we have a strong advantage with our people. I believe we have the best people in every part of this organization. I’m just one example of how our culture enables success: you can get yourself anywhere here if you are willing to put in the work.”

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