Covance becomes first major central laboratory in Japan to add anatomic pathology and histology services

In an effort to support development of today’s novel therapies and help clients get faster clinical trial results, Covance recently expanded its Asia-Pacific footprint by becoming the first major central laboratory in Japan to add anatomic pathology and histology (APH) services at its Kawagoe facility. Learn more about how this investment will help improve the drug development experience for sponsors in Japan.

The importance of flexible, fast solutions in drug development

“As the complexity of drug development grows, it’s imperative we invest in additional resources that will help advance science and meet patients’ needs,” said Vincent Drouillon, Vice President, Global Testing Services, Medical Affairs and Sciences, Drug Development.

“We know that physicians rely on our interpretation of biopsies to decide on patient inclusion in clinical trials, choose the right molecule, determine the appropriate dosage, and follow progression of a disease and efficacy of a treatment,” he added. “APH services are especially important to make significant progress in oncology and precision medicine.”

Central Labs Services supported by strong partnership

Following the Ministry of Health Labor and Wealth (MHLW) requirements, Covance partnered with a locally based company in 2010 to offer central laboratory services in Japan. The company chose to collaborate with BML, one of the largest and most trusted diagnostic labs in Japan. The successful partnership has even been dubbed “CB Lab” – C for Covance and B for BML.

Just like other Covance central laboratories at strategic global locations, the team in Kawagoe, Japan is aligned with Covance global standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure data combinability of resulting data. The lab has validated assays for HER2, as well as PDL1 IHC with other assays forthcoming. Highly skilled histotechnologists and pathologists in the dedicated space offer a number of services to clients, including:

  • Tissue processing for wet biopsies
  • Paraffin block embedding
  • Block sectioning
  • Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) staining
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) services
  • Interpretations

The company’s in-country, “white glove” APH services in Japan are an important element in ensuring drug development sponsors’ success and ultimately bringing much needed treatments to the patients they serve. Over the next year, Covance plans to build on this momentum by adding genomics services in Kawagoe. By offering an even wider range of solutions in Japan, Covance can ultimately help shorten turnaround times and increase the efficiency of today’s clinical trials.

Learn more about what makes Covance an innovative global leader in central laboratory services.

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