Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) Monthly Blog – October 2020

Welcome to the October 2020 edition of the Covance DCT Blog.

When sponsors consider implementing a decentralized clinical trial (DCT), one of the key challenges that has been largely aspirational until now is that the trial experience should be as seamless as possible. There are many stakeholders in any clinical trial: Beyond the many roles within the sponsor organization, there are clinical site team members, often on a global scale, and most critically the patients. 

As DCTs have evolved, more and more potential vendors have been added to the trial operations.  The benefit: We provide solutions that provide a patient-centric approach to clinical trial engagement and participation while reducing the need to be on-site physically at the investigator site. However, with multiple vendors comes the need for ever more complex integration strategies, multiple passwords, and the potential for fragile data connectivity.  Sites and patients are frustrated by the need to use multiple platforms and interfaces for the same trial.  Covance provides a one-stop shop approach for DCT solutions:  One company and all the services

Covance/LabCorp recognized the challenges on developing individual project-level third party integrations.  We’ve worked for more than a year to develop robust internal solutions and enterprise-level integrations.  We’ve put our money where our mouth is by investing in key acquisitions like GlobalCare and snapIoT in addition to our existing suite of existing Covance/LabCorp capabilities ranging from labs to IRT to data management all designed to enable a seamless DCT study experience as prioritized needs.  The enterprise-level integrations enable project-level Flexibility in model, allowing you to use the model that fits for your needs (full service, FSP, CLS-focused, etc.). 

This is a move from incremental change to a transformational delivery, taking advantage of the silver lining of COVID-19:  The cross-industry accelerated interest and acceptability of DCT solutions.  We’ve built-in strategic matching services to ensure the best-fit DCT solutions are recommended for each opportunity, with customization per trial and simplified execution.

For details and to learn more about this transformational approach to clinical trials through interesting case studies, check out our webinar: “Why Every Trial Should be a Decentralized Clinical Trial: A Review of Recent Case Studies” on Thursday, October 29 @ 10:00am EDT.

Check back with us next month as we continue to explore and discuss the transformation of clinical trial design.

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