Embracing our global diversity and empowering our employees

Fulfilling our mission of improving health and improving lives at a global level requires a broad viewpoint that goes beyond one’s own country and culture. While incorporating a wide variety of perspectives to meet the diverse needs of our patients, we are also looking within our workplaces to ensure that we welcome and accept all of our team members as they are, each and every day.

To celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month, we are featuring six people across our enterprise to hear about what diversity means to them in both personal and professional experiences. Learn about their role in being a part of an inclusive work environment and how these efforts ultimately improve how we better understand the people we serve around the world.

Meet Marcus, National Account Executive, Burlington NC, U.S.

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From his first job out of college as a healthcare billing specialist to his recent promotion as a national account executive, Marcus feels truly humbled that his career over the past 20 years has been a success. This success has been supported by his colleagues as well as many others that Marcus has met via networking out in the field. Now, he is excited for an even deeper level of support through the new employee resource group: PULSE (Promoting Unity through Legacy, Support and the Empowerment of Black employees).

“Our employee resource group speaks volumes to the kind of company LabCorp is becoming as we all take a look at the current state of the world around us,” said Marcus.

“When I meet with my clients, I like knowing that I work for a company that not only guides the patient care decisions for millions each year and has played a part in the development of the top 50 medicines in the world today, but also is striving to lead the way in promoting diversity. PULSE will allow the voice of Black employees to be heard as we get to know more about each other, share ideas and feel empowered to do something – not only for LabCorp but for the people that LabCorp has been afforded to touch on a daily basis, as we continue to live out our mission to Improve health and Improve lives.”

Meet Linda, Executive Director, Shanghai, China

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After working with technologies companies, Linda started her career here 10 years ago as a country-level HR (human resources) generalist in China and was later given the opportunity in her early career to work in Singapore for three weeks on an assignment while another HR colleague was out on leave.

“Working in Singapore was my first experience to work overseas, and it was really fascinating. I found that I really enjoyed knowing people from different cultural backgrounds so my manager kept giving me that exposure. I was put on regional projects and eventually asked to lead a global project as well,” explained Linda.  

Now, as an executive director, Linda has found that her voice is heard as a thought leader for the Asia Pacific region.

“Our leaders are truly globally minded and aware of the different dynamics and unique challenges in our respective markets. Being connected to so many global leaders in our business has given me another level of appreciation of how our leaders value the views I bring to the table.”

Meet Santiago, Director, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Santiago joined the organization just over a year ago, managing talent attraction for the Latin American region and leading the sourcing center of excellence. With a reach that spans six Latin American countries and a team in India, Santiago finds that he serves as a connection point between different groups.

“In some meetings, I’m the only person from Latin America and the global team wants my opinion,” explained Santiago. “Then, within my own teams, I work to understand the differences between cultures and communication styles, learning from each country’s approach.”

As he continues to support hiring, Santiago is aware of the value of attracting diverse talent.

“With global diversity among our employees, we can have a more complete view that takes into consideration the different realities of the world. I want potential candidates to feel comfortable with applying to join us and know that we welcome and embrace diversity – it’s a commitment to the community we serve but also helps us to have different perspectives to understand our communities.”

Meet Rhona, Nonclinical Data Associate III, Harrogate, U.K.

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Rhona started supporting early phase drug development 13 years ago before moving into report coordination and then becoming a data management associate to support new clinical data standards. During this time, Rhona transitioned from male to female.

“I’ve been Rhona full time since May of 2017, and I’ve never looked back,” she said. “I wasn’t sure how things were going to go at work, but I was met with a lot of positivity and support from my colleagues and management.”

Rhona finds it important to have a work environment where people belong, are taken seriously, respected and accepted as one of the team, both professional and socially.

“I haven’t had to pretend I’m someone I am not or feel like I’m taking any steps back in terms of acceptance at work,” she said. “People here accept who you are.”

Meet Imran, Senior Vice President, Drug Development Business Performance and Country Head, Bangalore, India

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After working with pharmaceutical companies and another contract research organization, Imran joined the organization to serve as a key leader and help the region become another strategic location in the global enterprise.

As someone who grew up in India and also traveled significantly across the globe, Imran was aware of diversity at a very early age.

“In India, we have 1.35 billion people spread over 28 states and eight union territories that speak 120+ languages with more than 19,500 dialects,” he explained. “I know that people are both different and similar: they may have different nationalities, cultures and racial backgrounds, but they are similar in their expectations and aspirations from life, fellow citizens, and employers in general.”

Imran has been with the team for over three years now and has seen an ongoing commitment to celebrating diversity.

“Working here has reinforced my belief that talent and opportunity transcend divisions of color, race or gender. I have seen how our enterprise acknowledges our diversity and offers our diverse set of people equal opportunities and a safe work environment.”

Meet Brenda Velasquez Wagner, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Vice President of HR Transformation and Integration, Research Triangle Park, NC, U.S.

Brenda joined the team earlier this year and is excited to be a part of a mission-driven company that embraces global diversity across its 65,000 people in 60 countries. But appreciating diverse backgrounds isn’t new to Brenda – it’s always been part of her life.

“My father is Puerto Rican, and while I grew up in New Jersey, we regularly visited my grandparents and large extended family in Puerto Rico,” she explained. “My mother comes from a Jewish family in Bronx, NYC. I loved having this rich mix of culture and celebrating different holidays – it makes me who I am today! I also appreciate the recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, which is also currently underway in October.

“Our company supports all walks of life. As such, it is critical that we bring forward diverse and inclusive perspectives and approaches to represent the breath of patients and clients for whom we serve,” she said. “By increasing diversity at all levels, we can also help contribute to an inclusive work environment where all can thrive.”

Learn more about what global diversity, inclusion and equality mean to us. Visit LabCorp Careers and Covance Careers and to see where you can apply your unique perspectives and help us improve health and improve lives.

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