Mechelen, Belgium

Kickstarting a career from warehouse to project management at Covance Mechelen: Meet Dylan

Dylan came to Covance just a little more than three years ago, excited for opportunities to kickstart his career with a growing company when we opened our dry ice production and kit supply distribution center in Mechelen, Belgium.

Starting as a logistics associate in our warehouse, his first role was a line worker for our dry ice production line. Prior to that he had been working a mere 200 meters from the Covance site as a warehouse officer for a pickle company.

“The crops failed, and I found myself without much work,” he explained. “When I learned about the new Covance site, I thought there would be a lot of opportunities and potential for me to grow.”

Dylan said he immediately put his time management skills to work, taking on the responsibility of calculating production times. Through that added responsibility, he was able to connect with other teams, like the regulatory logistics department – and after just a few months, Dylan moved into a role with the regulatory logistics team.

“I’ve really enjoyed being at ground zero and building this site up with the entire team,” he said. “I was there at the start of the production area. And I was also part of the start of the regulatory team here.”

Dylan shared that while Covance’s Mechelen site is quickly growing with an expanded kit production site launching in 2021, it still feels like a small family – and everyone is accessible.

“We have different departments, but it doesn’t really feel like it. Everyone is just a colleague – including Ilse, the site lead. You can sit down and have a cup of coffee with her. And it’s the same with the managers. Their doors are always open. Everyone is very generous and gentle,” he said.

Just recently, Dylan received another promotion, moving into a role as a regional study coordinator (RSC), which is an associate project manager role. The RSC role typically requires a bachelor’s degree; Dylan doesn’t have one, but through his time onsite he was able to establish a great rapport with managers and show that he had the relevant skills to potentially excel as a RSC. The RSC program has a vigorous training program, which he recently completed.

“I think my eagerness to learn has been really important in my advancement,” he said. “That and my time management skills – it’s the most important thing in my skill set.”

He shared that a critical part of his growth has involved engaging mentors, including Lucy, who moved from project management to production manager and was able to provide insight into the project management department, as well as a self-growth course designed by his supervisor and the site lead.

“At my last company, I needed to make sure that pickles made it from India to the warehouse to the stores in France and all over Europe,” Dylan said. “It was ok, but here I’m part of something bigger. This was also one of the reasons I wanted to transfer to project management. I wanted to have a better understanding of what we are actually doing as a company and get closer to the patient.”

If you are interested in learning more about our expanding roles in Mechelen, please join our talent network and upload your resume.

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