Exploring career growth opportunities for Med Techs

As soon as a patient’s sample is collected, many different people play critical roles to ensure the process is efficient and the test result is timely and accurate. Medical technologists (med techs) prepare and analyze specimens – work that sets the stage for many subsequent decisions about a patient’s treatment and care. On the job, med techs have numerous development opportunities and avenues to grow their career within our diagnostic and drug development businesses. Meet three of our employees who shared how they’re growing their career as a med tech.

From Lab Assistant to Med Tech: Meet Jeffrey

Starting his early career as a lab assistant, Jeffrey found that his skills and experience were a good fit to become a lab technician. He moved into this new role where he met a med tech and became curious about that career path, which typically requires an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory technology, clinical laboratory science or an equivalent training program.

“I had to go through more schooling to get the required degree and it took a while to complete my prerequisites,” he said, “but LabCorp was really understanding, provided tuition reimbursement and let me work around my school schedule so I could accomplish my goal.”

After completing his med tech internship in a large hospital, Jeffrey became officially licensed and returned as a full-time med tech at LabCorp. Now with three years of experience as a med tech, Jeffrey has set his sights on his next goal.

“We are getting ready to open a new laboratory and I have the opportunity to help support this facility,” he said. “It’s really exciting. I’m also looking at prospective roles to eventually move into a leadership position.”

LabCorp continues to support Jeffrey as he takes the initiative to set his career path.

“Without this company, I would never have had the opportunity to go to school and still work. I received such great support from my managers. I am proud to be a LabCorp employee.”

From Med Tech to Senior Associate Director: Meet Angela

After working in a hospital environment for a few years as a med tech, Angela was looking for a regular schedule and joined our drug development business. She found that this environment gave her exposure to numerous technologies and career paths.

“We are on the leading edge of technology,” she said. “I get to experience new lab technologies – before they go to the hospital setting – which gives me a huge opportunity to learn new skills.”

Angela moved on from the med tech position to take a project manager role.

“When I heard about the project manager position, it sounded intriguing and I felt that I had management’s support so I took a leap of faith,” she explained.

From there, she started expanding her leadership skills through a variety of positions with growing responsibilities and leadership.

“I joined in 1995 and I am still here,” she said. “I never stayed in the same role for more than four to five years. The opportunity to do different things is the reason I’ve stayed, and I really enjoy what I do. The med tech role has been such a great launching point to go into other areas that I never dreamed about when I studied in school.”    

From Med Tech to Vice President: Meet Daniel

As soon as Daniel finished his degree, he joined as a med tech and started learning more about the contract research organization (CRO) lab space, quickly moving up the career ladder.

“As a med tech, I had strong support from my colleagues and management, and had the opportunity to learn a variety of lab operational activities,” he said. “This laboratory knowledge provided the foundation and skill set that enabled me to be successful as I moved into a project manager role. From there, I moved into leadership roles and was fortunate enough to lead various global functional groups with very talented and diverse individuals.”

Daniel felt supported in his career journey as well.

“Here, I’ve been supported throughout my journey with various training, development and mentorship programs. I learned that you also have to be willing to expect change, accept it and work outside your comfort zone. If you are willing to take on those challenging projects and find success through both individual and team contributions, those career opportunities will open up,” he said.

Daniel has now been with our drug development business for more than 22 years and recognizes how the med tech role was a launching point for his career.

“Understanding the lab component of our business has been critical to working with our large pharma and agile biotech clients,” he said. “Having the med tech background definitely helped me navigate through my career within the organization.”

Med techs can grow their careers across our enterprise in our diagnostic business, LabCorp, and our drug development business, Covance. Explore our career opportunities and learn more about our commitment to empowering your personal and professional growth.     

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