Evaluating New Antiviral and Antibiotic Drug Candidates

The development of anti-infective treatments to combat illnesses caused by viral and microbial agents has witnessed many unique advances, most notably in the
Covance Infectious Disease eBookfights against bacterial infections, hepatitis and HIV. The momentum in this exciting area continues with new tools and methods to better support the development journey. From improved microbial identification to quantitative technological platforms, let’s explore emerging opportunities to develop assays, interpret results and improve clinical trials.

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Five Key Advances in Infectious Disease Drug Development

Infectious diseases contribute to approximately 25%Advances in Infectious Disease Drug and Vaccine Development Covance Blog of global mortality and present critical healthcare challenges, especially in under-resourced countries. Recent research and development breakthroughs may help transform this situation. The industry is now leveraging novel analytical and bioinformatics technologies to better understand the biology and response to viral and bacteriological infections, and thereby develop more rapid and effective strategies for evaluating new therapeutic agents in clinical trials.

1. Applying lessons learned

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) therapeutics, frequently described as a breakthrough area in drug development, because it highlights the result of combining the biological understanding of disease and prioritizing appropriate resources to speed drug development. The first curative therapeutic regimens containing direct-acting agents for this important cause of liver disease were approved in 2011. Since then, seven additional regimens have received FDA approval with several more promising treatments currently in late stage clinical trials. Continue reading