Covance Shanghai Strengthens Safety Pharmacology Capabilities for In-House IND Packages to Serve Asia Clients

Covance Shanghai is pleased to announce an expansion of its general toxicology capabilities to include safety pharmacology studies, allowing our Asia-Pacific clients to more easily complete their IND requirements for CFDA regulations.

What are the new safety pharmacology offerings?

The general tox team in Shanghai is now capable of running cardiovascular safety studies with dogs, using DSI PhysioTel Digital L11 telemeters to monitor drug elicited effects on electrocardiograms and hemodynamic parameters, heart rate and blood pressure. They are also able to run neurological and respiratory studies in rat models.

Team members from Shanghai were trained in these experimental procedures by experienced safety pharm specialists from the Covance Madison site. After several months of personnel training, beginning in June 2018, validation studies at the Shanghai site were completed in early  2019.

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Designing a Comprehensive Self-Administration Drug Abuse Liability Study | Part 2

Series Introduction

Regulatory agencies require that any drug (parent or major metabolite) that penetrates the brain and has CNS activity, regardless of its therapeutic indication, be assessed for that drug’s abuse potential. In this series on Assessing Potential Drug Abuse, we are sharing how the team at Covance designs and setup accurate and valid nonclinical GLP abuse liability assessment study types required by regulatory agencies: self-administration, drug discrimination and physical dependency studies. For the first in this series, we will explore how to design and develop a comprehensive self-administration study to test for a drug’s potential abusive or addictive nature.  

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